How to Spark Enthusiastic Reading in Children

Man and child reading

For some children, reading might not be their choice of activity or they may struggle to read books that are not interesting to them. The good news is there are several ways you can make reading more enjoyable for your children. The below tips can help make reading feel less like a task and more of a reward, which will, … Read More

Growing your at-home library on a budget this summer

Four children laying on grass reading

Summertime for children means more free time and a break from their typical school routines. However, summer vacation can also be a time when kiddos forget the literacy skills they established at school. It’s very probable that children who don’t read over the summer can regress, and their hard-earned reading skills can decline. Summer reading is a fun way to … Read More

World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

Three children smiling

World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development focuses on the richness of the world’s cultures and the essential role of intercultural dialogue in achieving peace and sustainable development. In honor of this day, celebrated annually in May, we wanted to highlight why it’s important for children to learn and read about various cultures. Fosters cultural awareness        Reading about … Read More

Supporting literacy development in students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Woman and child reading

April is Autism Awareness Month, a time to reflect on and celebrate our progress and commitment to supporting research that responds to the needs of people on the autism spectrum. Children with ASD have a unique constellation of strengths and weaknesses that impacts their academic and literacy development. Below, we keep the conversation moving by discussing literacy oppositions children on … Read More

Honoring influential women in American education this Women’s History Month

Hand pointing to page reading a book

During the month of March, we celebrate Women’s History Month, where we recognize the contributions women have made in our culture, society, economy, policies, etc. As a women-owned organization, our team is proud to honor the achievements of women all over the world. And, the world of education is just one industry where women inspired and impacted; challenged the status … Read More

Celebrating Black History Month with our favorite Black authors

Collage of books

In honor of Black History Month, we wanted to highlight Black authors whose stories span both borders and generations, illuminating a wide variety of experiences. Read below to find out our team’s favorite Black voices and the books that have inspired them. Krista, founder and executive director Krista chose Memphian Ashley Foxx Davis. Ashley and her sister, April, founded Kifani … Read More

Why teachers need mentors

Three women at table

As we close out January, we are reflecting on National Mentoring Month and the importance that mentoring has in our ALLMemphis approach. Our team is passionate about uplifting and educating those we work with – in our office, partner schools and throughout the community. ALLMemphis works with and trains over 100 teachers across our city every year. Our incredible program … Read More

Has education changed over the years?

Woman with three children surrounding her

Education is ever-evolving – from the way teaching methods are designed to how classrooms are set up. Access to funding, resources and technology all play a role. ALLMemphis works directly with educators and literacy coaches to train them in literacy instruction and provide mentorship to support the implementation of the training in their schools. These educators are on the front … Read More

ALLMemphis is now accredited!

We’re thrilled to announce that our ALLMemphis Structured Literacy Intervention Comprehensive Education (SLICE) has been approved for accreditation by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). This is a huge accomplishment for our organization, as it recognizes our expertise in preparing teachers to provide relevant and high-quality foundational literacy instruction to a variety of learners. This accreditation is a testament to over … Read More

Celebrating National Book Month with our K-2 decodable books

Girl holding book

October is National Book Month! Our ALLMemphis decodable books are an excellent addition to your child’s library. Each book is Memphis-based, allowing your child to relate to the material while learning about their city. A child’s reading comprehension can greatly increase when they are able to connect their own lives to what they are reading. Keep reading to learn about … Read More