Growing your at-home library on a budget this summer

Four children laying on grass reading

Summertime for children means more free time and a break from their typical school routines. However, summer vacation can also be a time when kiddos forget the literacy skills they established at school. It’s very probable that children who don’t read over the summer can regress, and their hard-earned reading skills can decline.

Summer reading is a fun way to keep children engaged in their learning when they aren’t physically in the classroom. We understand that building an at-home library can be expensive, so we’re providing a few tips for creating a solid book collection at home on a budget.

Visit a public library

A great way to have a consistent stack of books to read is utilizing your public library. Memphis has 18 public libraries that house over 50,000 e-books and e-audiobooks. Residents and property owners of Memphis, Bartlett and unincorporated Shelby County are entitled to a free card.

Check out resale shops, used book stores and yard sales

There are several places around the city where your family can buy books at a discounted rate. Resale stores, used bookstores and yard sales have books that have been used by other families, so the price is significantly cheaper than buying the book new.

Plan a book swap

Get together with friends who are parents and tell them to bring their old, used children’s books. Once everyone gets there, you can swap all the books, giving everyone a chance to refresh their at-home library.

Give books as gifts

Ask friends and family to give your child at least one book each holiday and birthday. This will create a fun tradition your children will look forward to and, eventually, they can start asking for specific books they want to read.

Starting a library can be a tedious task, but it will all be worth it in the end. Giving your children access to a library throughout the summer will allow them to grow academically and will encourage them to enjoy learning – even during their time off!

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