We firmly believe our comprehensive training for local educators, coupled with our rigorous curriculum, is the vehicle our city needs to begin alleviating the short and long-term impacts of the literacy crisis our nation is currently facing.



In our partner school model, we train teachers, literacy coaches, and interventionists in the theory and practice of the Science of Reading and the Orton-Gillingham method. Participants receive 40-hours of professional development and ongoing mentorship throughout the partnership. This is the foundation of developing teachers toward becoming experts in teaching foundational reading.



During our partnership, we work with teachers to ensure the theory and practice learned in training is implemented with a high degree of fidelity and integrity. ALLMemphis conducts monthly lesson observations with extensive feedback, and provides one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to individual teacher needs. We also perform weekly fidelity checks to encourage the consistency of instruction.


Flexible Curriculum

ALLMemphis provides partner schools with the Ditto Literacy curriculum, which provides high-quality multi-sensory foundational literacy lessons grounded in the Orton-Gillingham approach. Ditto Literacy can be used as a Tier I, whole-group curriculum or as an intervention to serve the most struggling students within the RTI2 space.



ALLMemphis values high quality data and leverages it in compliance with FERPA and other data use policies. Though our work is primarily teacher facing, we track student reading outcomes as a function of increased teacher excellence in the understanding and practice of foundational literacy. We also report monthly to senior leaders at our partner schools with teachers’ progress towards instructional proficiency and classroom fidelity checks.

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