Why teachers need mentors

Three women at table

As we close out January, we are reflecting on National Mentoring Month and the importance that mentoring has in our ALLMemphis approach. Our team is passionate about uplifting and educating those we work with – in our office, partner schools and throughout the community. ALLMemphis works with and trains over 100 teachers across our city every year. Our incredible program specialists have extensive knowledge of what goes on inside and outside the classroom and what educators need to excel. In fact, not only are our program specialists highly experienced teachers, but each one of them holds a Structured Literacy Classroom Teacher Certificate from the Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI). Below, we share a few benefits of educators having a strong mentorship experience.

Professional development
When a teacher receives one-on-one guidance from a mentor, it improves them professionally, and, in turn, that professional development they receive helps their students learn and grow. Mastering the craft of teaching takes time, and our ALLMemphis program specialists provide mentorship, the resources and tools necessary to ensure excellence.

When new educators enter the field, it can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Having a dedicated professional to turn to for support can create confidence in their ability – while also increasing content knowledge and student performance. Mentors serve as confidants for teachers as they are navigating the ins and outs of education. This relationship can play a significant role in shaping their self-confidence to carry them throughout their career.

Sharing knowledge
Our program specialists work alongside teachers to help them perfect their craft as educators. This includes sharing best practices and strategies to strengthen their delivery of equitable and quality instruction for their students. From classroom management solutions to subject expertise, our program specialists perform weekly check-ins to encourage the consistency of instruction.

During a partnership with ALLMemphis, teachers can expect a high degree of fidelity and integrity through our trainings. We conduct monthly lesson observations and provide one-on-one coaching sessions tailored to individual teaching needs. Mentorship is a valuable component of our work at ALLMemphis – as it ensures our teachers are set up for success to bring quality instruction to their classrooms. Is your school interested in learning more about our approach and mentorship opportunities? Contact us today.