ALLMemphis is now accredited!

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We’re thrilled to announce that our ALLMemphis Structured Literacy Intervention Comprehensive Education (SLICE) has been approved for accreditation by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). This is a huge accomplishment for our organization, as it recognizes our expertise in preparing teachers to provide relevant and high-quality foundational literacy instruction to a variety of learners.

This accreditation is a testament to over a year of hard work and effort creating, refining, and aligning our training experiences to cover rigorous knowledge and practice standards within a science of reading framework that teachers must understand and master to meet the demands of teaching reading. We look forward to continuing our training for teachers, parents, and the learning community at large looking to support the needs of ALL students.

With this accreditation, ALLMemphis is now offering three comprehensive training sessions, designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of how to support struggling readers, including those from diverse backgrounds. These trainings are open to ALL members of our community who are looking to increase their knowledge in foundational reading, including general education teachers, special education teachers, ELL instructors, reading interventionists, RTI instructors, parents, and school administration. To learn more and to register for an upcoming training, click here.

We’re so grateful for our team’s hard work!