Did you know ALLMemphis' books are Memphis-based?

That's right! Our three decodable books, which cover the entire scope of our foundational literacy skills, allow students to truly relate to the material, while also learning more about our city. Not to mention, the connection the students are able to make to their own lives with these books increases reading comprehension.


Jazz Steps Up

for Kindergarten Readers

Little J can do big things! In this story, she is faced with a big problem. She steps it up and makes a plan to solve it.

Find out how Little J takes the steps to bring her craft club to life.

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Tish and Tam Get Out the Vote

for 1st Grade Readers

Twin sisters, Tish and Tam, are as different as night and day. Tish is excited to get out and help register young college students to vote.

However, Tam needs some convincing. She doesn't understand the importance  of voter registration. Can Tish and their Dad help convince Tam that everyone should take part in getting out the vote?


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Deuce the Second Grade Sleuth and the Case for Justice

for 2nd Grade Readers

Deuce, the Second Grade Sleuth, is on the case again! Deuce loves to solve problems, but this case proves to be his hardest one yet.

After serving at a local food bank, Deuce discovers that a community only has one corner store in the neighborhood where they can shop for fresh food. He and his best friend Tammy think a community garden might be just one small way to fight for justice. Will they be able to pull off their plan?


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A book set includes the following:

- one kindergarten book

- one first grade book

- one second grade book


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