Ravynn Hughes

Program Specialist

Ravynn’s educational philosophy is that all children can and will learn when equipped with the proper tools for success. She believes in providing equitable educational opportunities in an effort to educate the whole child. Ravynn has over 11 years of classroom experience as a special education teacher, lead teacher, and mentor. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in special education (K-12) from University of Southern Mississippi, a master’s degree in special education (K-6) from the University of West Alabama, and an education specialist degree in special education leadership from Walden University. Ravynn previously taught the ALLMemphis curriculum before joining the team as a program specialist, where she was able to see firsthand how the curriculum provided a powerful impact on students who struggled with foundational literacy skills. She has a deep passion for supporting students and teachers and is an advocate at heart. In her current role, Ravynn aspires to cultivate learning and growth amongst teachers to promote positive student outcomes across the city of Memphis.