Laura Garza

Training and Curriculum Specialist

Laura believes that literacy is the foundation for lifelong success – in and out of the classroom. Literacy provides individuals with the confidence and understanding they need to unlock their full potential while navigating our complex society. Laura attended Christian Brothers University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in early childhood education with a minor in sociology. Following her time at CBU, she began teaching first grade. It was within the classroom setting where she realized how wide and detrimental the literacy gap could become in a short amount of time. This realization, coupled with the desire to help students become successful readers so that they could find joy in learning, led Laura to pursue a master's degree in the science of reading from Arkansas State University. Laura continued her education at the University of Memphis, pursuing a doctoral degree in education policy and leadership studies. She hopes to combine her love of literacy and knowledge of policy to continue promoting ALLMemphis’ mission of attaining literacy for all, especially historically marginalized students. Laura is excited to provide the educational community with the tools that allow them to become agents of progress, so that, through literacy, they can engage in courageous conversations, confront uncomfortable truths and foster empathy and solidarity across communities.