Tips for setting new school year literacy resolutions with your child

Child reading a book

Beginning a new school year can be exciting for your child as they navigate new teachers, new classmates and a new curriculum; however, it can also come with challenges. Below, we break down a few tips for setting literacy resolutions that are manageable for your child to accomplish throughout the year.

Set a goal for the number of books you’ll read

Does your child have books on the shelf they haven’t opened yet? Organize all of the books in the to-be-read pile and determine a realistic goal on how many new reads your child can finish by the end of the school year. Each book that children read can expose them to thousands of new words by year’s end. When you have a specific number in mind of how many books you aim to finish, it will likely motivate you and your child to accomplish that goal!

Choose a book above reading level

Advancing to a new reading level can be an intimidating feat for your little readers. To encourage your child to read outside of their comfort zone, choose a book of their interest that is a level above where they’re currently reading. Your child’s teacher, or a librarian, can help you choose an appropriate book. Perhaps you find a book with longer sentences or a larger word count. Incorporating a challenging book into your child’s regular rotation can enhance their reading fluency, accuracy and comprehension. If your child becomes frustrated with a more advanced book, remind them that you’ll be there to support them every step of the way!

Read a book in a new genre

Exploring genres can improve your child’s focus, memory and vocabulary. Unfamiliar genres can be the gateway for your child to discover different perspectives on the world and spark their imagination.

Offer a reward for each goal that’s met

To inspire your child to meet their reading goals for the year, offer a reward after each milestone is met. These rewards can include letting them pick the restaurant for dinner; taking them to a fun outing; or having bonus screen time added to their day.

Setting literacy goals with your reader adds to their development – while encouraging responsibility. Early reading skills are a pathway to success in school and in life. If you need ideas for new books, we suggest our decodable books that help build essential literacy skills and cover a variety of topics. Click here to learn more and order your set.