Recognizing the importance of mentors during National Mentoring Month

Did you know January is National Mentoring Month? At ALLMemphis, it’s no secret that our team is passionate about lifting up those we work with – mentoring holds so much importance in our approach. 

In 2017, we worked with five teachers. One year later, that number rose to 15. Now, ALLMemphis has grown to work with and train approximately 120 teachers across our city.  We attribute much of our success to our incredible team – who were all, in fact, teachers themselves before joining the ALLMemphis team! They have extensive knowledge of what goes on inside and outside the classroom and what educators need to excel. Below, we’ve compiled our team’s thoughts on what mentorship means to them – check it out!


“At ALLMemphis, we are beyond grateful to work in tandem with our city’s educators, who are passionate about improving professionally, so that they can, in turn, better help their students learn and grow. We know it will take time for testing scores to dramatically change. But what doesn’t have to take time is investment in excellent teachers.”


“Mentorship is important to me because it allows me the opportunity to support the growth and development of others. I enjoy working alongside classroom teachers as a program specialist, helping them to perfect their craft as educators. This includes sharing best practices and strategies to strengthen their delivery of equitable and quality instruction for scholars.”


“Mentorship is important to me because of the positive impacts it has both inside the teaching industry and outside it. As a new educator, it was empowering to feel supported and poured into by an expert in the field – it helped to build my confidence and create the person I am today. And now as a program specialist with ALLMemphis, I’m able to use mentorship to create confidence in others while also increasing content knowledge and student performance.”


“Mentorship provides an opportunity to connect with others both professionally and personally. Building strong relationships with those being mentored proves to increase proficiency, consistency, and retention. I love being part of the overall growth each person makes, and I strive to support them in any way I can. Mentorship is important because relationships are important.”


“Mentorship is key in the success of ALLMemphis – it’s a foundational element of how we approach literacy. Because of the way we coach teachers, we’re able to mentor them in a way that builds confidence, relationships, and a more equitable education for all Memphians. The roadmap to success and closing academic gaps begins with mentorship.”


“The role of mentorship has always been a powerful way that people share knowledge. It provides in-depth and hands-on growth opportunities for both the mentee and the mentor. I value the experiences I have had and continue to have from a variety of mentors who have nurtured my growth. I am humbled by those who look to me as a mentor, who push me to become a better leader, and who find encouragement and hope for their next steps in my story.”


“Mentorship, when done correctly, can shape and change a person in many ways. When you are in an effective mentorship, it often can benefit you – not only in that area of growth but across other aspects of your development as a person. Mentorship to our teachers offers a partnership where they can grow in literacy education, while also building relationships and supporting a collaborative community.”

Mentorship holds value in all of our lives. Is your school interested in learning more about our approach and mentorship opportunities? Contact us today. Are you a supporter of educational excellence in Memphis and interested in helping ALLMemphis continue our mission of ensuring educational equity for all students by investing in our city’s teachers? Click here to learn more and to make an online donation today.