Happy National Library Card Sign-Up Month!

Boy reading book

Libraries are the mecca for information. Housing centuries of history, libraries provide free access to literature, news and education resources. During National Library Card Sign-up Month this September, we encourage your family to get a library card and give your kiddos the freedom to learn and grow in their literacy journeys. Need a little more convincing? Below, we break down a few reasons why library cards are invaluable.

Library cards are free
Usually, a free sign-up card comes with a catch. Not at the library! Library cards don’t require you to buy something or spend a certain amount to receive a discount. Free library cards are available to all Memphis and Shelby County residents through Memphis Public Libraries (MPL).

Libraries have access to technology and media resources
In addition to books, libraries are home to newspapers, magazines, music, movies, instructional videos and computers. Not only can you get a good Wi-Fi connection, you can access functional computers for free at your local library. At Memphis Public Libraries, most titles are offered in digital form through its website or app. Take your kiddo to the library this semester to explore print and digital book offerings!

Libraries host events and activities
Weekly programs and classes for kids are offered at most local libraries. Students in grades K-3 who need assistance with reading can join MPL’s Reading Buddies program. Volunteer reading buddies will assist your little learners with word identification through fun interactive lessons. Additionally, MPL offers arts and crafts classes, dance sessions, lego-building workshops, movie days and more.

Libraries teach responsibility
Library cards can be a great tool to teach your child about responsibility. The card is something physical they have to take care of, and it comes with rules. Have your child keep track of materials they check out and their due dates. Your child will take pride in knowing they are in charge of their own card and books! And in turn, you’re allowing your child to feel in charge of their own literacy journey.

ALLMemphis understands the value of libraries and their essential place in our communities. Library cards allow your child to explore other worlds, expand their knowledge and improve their literacy development. Sign up for your free library card at the Memphis library closest to you by clicking here.