I've used ALLMemphis for years… And one thing about it is if you keep the kids engaged and they participate for kindergarten, they're going to know their letter names. They're going to know their letter sounds…They're faster at decoding. I have kindergarten kids reading a first grade Decodable reader, and it's based off ALLMemphis curriculum and they're breezing through it. So I'm all for ALLMemphis in everything they all do, because I see the growth. It really does work and I stand by it.

Shalandas Jackson
Memphis Merit Academy


My students are engaged from the minute we start until we end. Everything that we do in the lesson, they have some part of that.

Ravynn Hughes
Third - Fifth Grade Teacher



You guys probably have done the best [Professional Development] of all that I've done that I felt like when I walked away, I had something transferable to go into the classroom with.

Dana Berry
Kindergarten - Second Grade Teacher



As a curriculum, teachers were able to collaborate and learn how to teach foundational skills in more manageable pieces.  ALLMemphis also gives students the opportunity to establish foundational reading skills that prove valuable as they move through their school career.  This year, students have improved their reading skills, as evidenced by the universal screener for RTI.

Gaelen Davis
School Leader


The program is wonderful for teaching phonics and spelling strategies. The decodables are so helpful for kids to get practice reading text. It is a huge part of a successful balanced literacy model that we have at Promise Academy…It will continue to have a positive impact on student literacy in Memphis.

Anonymous Teacher

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