External Relations Manager

Haley serves as the external relations manager at ALLMemphis, where she coordinates partnerships, supports sustainability efforts, manages internal projects, and advocates for equitable funding for education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Texas A&M University. Haley moved to Memphis in 2016 to join Teach for America, where she taught third grade reading and language arts for four years in North Memphis, Hickory Hill, and Raleigh. As a teacher, Haley saw the glaring need for a literacy curriculum that equips growing readers with critical skills and strategies through direct instruction. Beyond the classroom, Haley has worked as a policy intern for U.S. House Judiciary Committee and as an Urban Leaders Fellow for former Dallas Independent School District board member, Miguel Solis. Most recently, she completed an Impact Fellowship with Education Pioneers. Haley is passionate about ensuring educational equity for students from historically marginalized backgrounds, and she sees ALLMemphis as a vital part of that endeavor.