Deidra Hawkins

Program Specialist

Deidra’s dedication to educating youth, building relationships, and closing achievement gaps is evident in her role as a program specialist at ALLMemphis. She holds master's degrees in public administration and digital media management. Deidra is a 2016 Teach For America corps member, and she taught special education with the Shelby County Schools district. She enjoys working with students and giving them access to the educational tools needed to achieve academic success. Having a heart for working with youth, Deidra is very active in her local community, working with organizations to provide them with experiences and exposure. In her spare time, you can find Deidra planning events for young ladies throughout Memphis, helping them to realize they are born to lead others confidently. With these events, Deidra’s goal is to provide youth with captured memories that may not ever be reproduced, while generating a new perspective on life.