Beth Ambrose

Training + Curriculum Specialist

Beth believes literacy is a fundamental right that provides access to freedom, opportunities and overall well-being. Beth’s passion for educational equity and literacy brought her to Memphis in 2016 to earn a master’s degree in urban education through the Memphis Teacher Residency. Once in schools, she quickly realized the impact foundational literacy gaps had on the self-efficacy, learning outcomes and post-secondary opportunities available to students, which led her to complete training in foundational literacy and the Science of Reading. This training sparked a passion for advocating for training in and implementation of strong foundational literacy instruction, grounded in the Science of Reading, for all students. Beth has served as an English teacher and, most recently, a literacy instructional coach for seven years before joining the ALLMemphis team. She’s excited to continue actualizing ALLMemphis’ vision of a fully literate community by ensuring teachers receive meaningful and robust training, which assists them in implementing a more effective and strong foundational reading curriculum for their students.