Three tips for helping your child fall in love with reading

Even when Valentine’s Day festivities have passed, your family can still keep the spirit of love in the air – love for reading, that is! It’s important for children to engage in meaningful literary experiences inside and outside of the classroom, but it’s also important for them to truly enjoy the act of reading.  Instilling a love of reading early … Read More

Recognizing the importance of mentors during National Mentoring Month

Did you know January is National Mentoring Month? At ALLMemphis, it’s no secret that our team is passionate about lifting up those we work with – mentoring holds so much importance in our approach.  In 2017, we worked with five teachers. One year later, that number rose to 15. Now, ALLMemphis has grown to work with and train approximately 120 … Read More

Breaking down the long-term impact of illiteracy

“Literacy is the jump-off point from which all of life’s successes take flight.” – Laurie Fortino Knowledge is power, and literacy provides people the ability to learn and utilize information autonomously – it gives people a voice with which they can improve their lives and the world around them. While higher literacy rates lead to more equality, opportunity and economic … Read More

Celebrating National Book Month with our team’s favorite reads

October is National Book Month! Join us as we promote the joy and value of reading. At ALLMemphis, it’s no secret that our team loves to dive into fictional worlds. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our team’s favorite books or what they’re currently reading – check them out! Krista Our fearless leader and executive director, Krista, is a lifelong … Read More

Breaking down Response to Intervention (RTI)

If you look inside any general education classroom, chances are you will experience different students struggling for different reasons. It can be difficult for a teacher to tell right away which students are struggling and why. Through the years, Tennessee has implemented programs and initiatives to attempt to alleviate this problem – one being the Response to Intervention and Instruction … Read More